Welcome to Syncro Hospital

We specialize in repairs and modifications to T3 VW Syncros', and the following:syncro vw bus

  • New and used spares.
  • Roof-racks.
  • Ladders
  • Sparewheel carriers.
  • Long-range fuel & water tanks.
  • 15" wheels and tyres.
  • 15" ventilated brake kits.
  • Decouplers for selectable 4 wheel drive.
  • Custom clutch kits.
  • Custom gas shocks for T3 Syncros.
  • Gearbox and diff repairs.
  • Propshaft repairs.
  • Exchange units, diffs, propshafts, viscos and gearboxes.
  • Turbo-diesel and petrol engine conversions.
  • Pre-owned T3 Syncro's bought and sold
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