Servicing and Repairs

All servicing and repair work to T3 syncro’s undertaken, please note the following:

  1. Clean engine and parts to be worked on before bringing to us, if dirty we will clean at a cost of R1000-00 to you.
  2. Make sure there is at least half a tank of fuel in your Syncro, we need fuel for testing, if I run out of fuel on a test drive a recovery fee of R 500-00 for 20km of less round trip and R1000-00 for 100km or less round trip will be added to you bill, fuel will be charged at 3x the going price for your bill.
  3. All valuables radios etc to be removed, we are not responsible for any losses of these items.

All work guaranteed. We also offer a recovery and tow in service for breakdowns from anywhere in Southern Africa.

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